Kimono my Heart with Comfort and Luxury

How Gorgeous!  How Comfy!

From the fabulous ladies at Mickey and Chicken, the way to truly relax and lounge in luxurious beauty and inviting comfort.

The Boho Kimono!

Boho Kimono

Lounge in luxury at home, by the pool, or…anywhere in this beautiful and comfortable lace kimono cardigan.

It will look awesome with leggings in the fall, skinny jeans in the winter, cropped pants in the spring, or cut off shorts or a bathing suit in the summer. There really is nothing this beauty can’t do.

Boho Kimono

Mickey and Chicken is a very stylish shop run by Janet London and her two beautiful daughters.   They enjoy being very creative as well as making sure everything they make to wear is very soft and comfortable.  Janet loves designing accessories that look and feel great – like your favorite t-shirt, only better!

Mickey and Chicken’s shop is filled with many other wonderful items such as infinity scarves, very stylish totes, handmade jewelry and even hand poured candles.

I hope you’ll stop by and see Janet at Mickey and Chicken.  She is truly a nice lady and she’ll make sure that you’re very happy and well taken care of.  What’s not to love?  Just save some goodies for me!




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