Wonderful Wonderland of Hats and Bows

Meet Amy Ryan of Amy Wonderland

Amy is a crazy talented lady that I’ve had the privilege of knowing now for over 3 years, and have had the great fortune to have worked with her on several collaborative themed projects.  Her deep love of art has manifested itself in many different forms through the years.  She named several things she’s enjoyed, get a load of all these skills: writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, styling makeup and hair, photography, stitching, knitting, crocheting, singing, trumpeting, and body modification.  She says that for as long as she can remember she’s always adored making things with love and giving to others.  And that she does…

I wanted to show you a small demonstration of one of our collaborative efforts several years ago.  We did an Alice in Wonderland themed collection together.  At the time I was working with perfumery.  Here is a promotional banner which shows the fabulous hat Amy made and she wrote this awesome poem about our collection:

How cool is that?  And look at that hat!  Hey, I can rhyme too!

And speaking of hats, here are a couple that she’s designed recently.  These are Fascinator Hats from her CMTA Collection:

There’s something else you should know about Amy.  Amy is an amazing and giving person, and it goes way beyond her artistic abilities.

Amy bravely lives with a disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth.  She says, “It’s the most common disease you’ve never heard of.  CMT is a hereditary motor and sensory neuromuscular disease which causes pain, loss of sensation, and death to muscles in the body.  It can effect hands, arms, feet, legs, diaphragm (breathing), skeletal structure (scoliosis), memory, brain function and other parts of the body.”

And you know what?  Instead of giving in, Amy works hard.  Not only having the will to continue with her hat and bow making, but also donating at least 10% of her monthly gross income to the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association’s STAR Research Fund.  She says, “This fund works tirelessly; researching treatments and, hopefully one day, a cure.  I smile knowing that every item I make for my Etsy shop is durable, beautiful, enjoyable, and supportive of a worthy cause. I currently sell hair accessories, and will be adding different items to my shop whenever I can. I sell a collection of blue and orange items, which are the official colors of the CMTA.  50% of the proceeds of those items go directly to the CMTA charity.”

Amy works towards raising awareness and money for the CMTA (, and continues to be a super courageous person who, despite wearing leg braces every day, using a wheelchair to get around, and can only use her hands for short periods of time – does all she does!  Such an inspiration…  She is a loving wife, a superhero aunt, and a very loyal friend who has a giant heart (to be sure) and loves to  smile and laugh.

It’s people like Amy that make this world go around much more beautifully, with her kind and warm spirit and gorgeous items that we can all wear and enjoy.  I myself own beautiful designs made by Amy.  Here is a collage of some of her recent hats and bows:

I truly hope you’ll stop by and see Amy.  She is the most friendly person you’ll ever get a chance to meet.  She also does custom orders, so drop her a line and tell her what you’d like to wear to brighten up your style and day.

You can find her online shop at:

And her Facebook Page:

It’s been a pleasure sharing Amy’s art with all of you, and I appreciate her sharing her personal story with us all.

To find out more about CMT, visit 

Till next time, Stay Wonderful!

Jfay, Studio 3B

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Falling For Florals

Florals Are Everywhere This Season…..

Ok, so I know they are always lurking about the scene somewhere; but forget Grandma’s chintzy curtains and think more Balenciaga’s hotchpotch-patchwork mix of floral prints!

Balenciaga, Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Paris

Balenciaga, Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Paris




If you search the teams vintage shops, you will find one-of-a-kind florals perfect for this runway hit! SeleneFashion have created a pared-down, everyday version of this trend using two different floral prints.il_570xn_715804654_71yh

And FoundItGreat have an array of beauties dying to be mixed and un-matched, like this vibrant Escada skirt.


To really rock the look, why not accessorize with a TaylorTwoShop Fascinator!




If you’re not quite ready for full-on florals, why not add a touch of flower-power to your home décor with BeeVintageRedux floral hooks and bottle openers!


Visit the featured shops:

Bold and Beautiful meets Quirky Cute

And that headline, ladies and gentlemen, describes Sweetiepips.

Geometric Jewelry by Sweetiepips

Sweetiepips is one of my favorite jewelry shops with it’s wide range of styles and beautifully bright colors.   It’s run by a very fascinating lady name Katrien, who is an awesome artist and absolutely loves what she does.  It definitely shows!

Vintage Style Necklace by Sweetiepips

Katrien describes her work as “Unique, Bold and Beautiful Bits “N” Pieces”.   She says that she loves to ponder, experiment, design, and create unique and beautiful things.  “Taking inspiration from past and present, vintage and contemporary fashions and styles, my bits ‘n’ pieces then unravel and evolve quite organically.”
Gypsy Bohemian Necklace by Sweetiepips
And showing off her whimsical side, you have to love these cute and sometimes quirky designs:
Bright Pink Cat and Meow Earring Designs
bright pink cat earrings by Sweetiepips bright pink meow earrings by Sweetiepips
Fried eggs on toast anyone? Earrings that is….
Fried eggs on toast earrings by Sweetiepips
And I really love these cute rain cloud brooches:
rain cloud brooches by Sweetiepips
I hope you’ll stop by and visit Katrien and Sweetiepips very soon.  You never know what treasures you’ll find there!
Feature by Jfay, Studio 3B

Sweet Designs

Sweet Pastries Ring

How cute is this ring?

I absolutely fell in love with this Sweet Pastry Ring Design from GeschmeideUnterTeck in Kirchheim, Germany.  This is made by artist/designer Isabell Kiefhaber.  Isabell says that she loves to  design and work with her hands to make unique jewelry.

And because of this love, the idea to “Geschmeide unter Teck” was founded.  (“Jewels below Teck”)
Teck is a lovely castle at the edge of the “Swabian Alb”, which she sees in front of her window.

This must bring her much inspiration, because her designs do not end with sweets, Isabell has many many different types of jewelry creations.  I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to show you here.

Sewing basket ring

This Sewing Basket Ring is so darling!  Look at the details she puts into her work.  There’s even a piece of thread in the little needle!

And here’s one for all you Knitters out there:

Knitting ring

These are just too fun!

Isabell also accepts custom orders.  You can choose your ring color, size and what contents you would like in your ring.  Custom orders do take about 3 weeks to produce, but oh so worth it!

Be sure to visit Isabell’s lovely shop where you can find these rings as well as earrings and necklaces.

So much Yum for your eyes to take in when you browse through  GeschmeideUnterTeck!

Feature by Jfay, Studio 3B

A True Inspiration

From Derbyshire England to right here in Houston, TX, (where we are very lucky to have her) I’m very excited to introduce you all to a very fine lady who has been an inspiration to me as well as a great leader who inspires many entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Meet Lindsey Buckley of SAjolie

Lindsey Buckley of SAjolie

Lindsey is at the helm of our Afternoon Tea, Chat and Treasuries Team on Etsy.  She leads the way with her great ideas and always with a sense of camaraderie.  It is honestly the best group or team in which I’ve ever been associated, and it is a huge credit to her and how much time and effort she puts into everything she does.

Not only is Lindsey our fierce leader, she is a devoted wife, mother, and daughter.  She has two businesses of her own, being both a realtor and jewelry designer, is the leader of our ATCT Team and hostesses an Afternoon Tea Luncheon/Meeting Group in Houston as well.   Did I mention that she’s also an avid traveler?

From Southfork to Windsor Castle.  Travels of Lindsey Buckley of SAjolie

I believe she is what is described as a dynamo — or perhaps we should call her a Texas Tornado!  I honestly do not know how she manages to do everything that she does (and do it so well).  I’ll not question, just be very grateful that she is a part of our lives.

I wrote to Lindsey recently to express how she has inspired me, not only in promoting my little business, but also artistically.  I very much enjoy her passion for her new home here as well as the passion in which she puts into everything she does.

And speaking of what she does…  SAjolie, her French inspired jewelry boutique is a true delight!

Again, where she finds the time to produce such beautiful items is beyond me — But I will say that I think she must do more than one thing at any given time.  I contacted Lindsey to inquire about custom jewelry items one evening.  She was very gracious and communicated with me via her Etsy shop, sending me pictures and examples of what choices she had available, all while prepping dinner for her family.  I told you she is a dynamo!

Here is a picture of the custom key ring that I commissioned from Lindsey.  It came out so stunningly beautiful and arrived gift boxed so lovely. I was very excited to give this as a special gift.

Custom Key Ring by SAjolie

SAjolie features an eclectic fusion of Bohemian, Spiritual, Cowgirl and Charm. You can find something for all jewelry styles within the large collection of her vintage and handmade pieces. Lindsey says that she loves nothing more than a custom order.  And I can certainly vouch for that!

There are over 1500 items in her shop in which to happily browse, many with inspirational messages (of course!), and something for just about any occasion you could imagine.

Inspirational charm necklace from SAjolie

Angel Wings Necklace from SAjolie

And did I mention that the shipping is free?  Believe me, when you cross paths with Lindsey, everything is a positive.

SAjolie Earrings

I hope you have the good fortune of meeting Lindsey in some capacity, and I certainly hope that you’ll visit her online boutique for very special jewelry items to commemorate a special event or person in your life or just for something gorgeous to wear!

Article by Jfay, Studio 3B

Trapped in Time Designs

If you love clothes, fashion, costumes, theatrics…  Oh, if you love timeless fashion and style, period, then you are going to fall in absolute love with Mairi Lothian of Trapped in Time Designs.  Her slogan is “Because style doesn’t have an expiration date.”

I love that!  And I adore her clothing designs.  They speak to me on every level.  I love period fashion and any and all things theatrical, so I’ve been a fan of her work since I first laid eyes on her beautiful creations.

Trapped in Time Designs

Mairi’s designs bring timeless beauty and fashion sense to the modern world.  She has managed to make her clothing into very wearable works of art that you can easily feel comfortable showing off in many settings or turning a few heads at various occasions.

Trapped in Time Designs

Mairi also designs very elegant costumes.  Many of her designs have a Mardi Gras, Burlesque, or Circus theme, and some have a Steam Punk, Vintage or Gothic appeal.  Gotta love her sense of style, that’s for sure.  This is one of my favorite costume designs from her.  It’s called the Voodoo Queen.

Voodoo Queen Costume from Trapped in Time Designs

Look at all the detail that Mairi’s put into this and the time it must take.  I am in complete awe…

Voodoo Queen Costume by Trapped in Time Designs

Here’s another of my favorite Trapped in Time Designs, the Checkered Pepum Skirt.  It’s like a lace up corset skirt. So gorgeous!

Checkered lace up corset skirt by Trapped in Time Designs

I could spend hours just browsing through her shop and not being able to make up my mind.  Everything is so breathtakingly fabulous.

Here are a few words directly from Mairi about her work and how this all came about:

“The name, Trapped In Time Designs, stems from my deep love of all things vintage, retro and old. I’ve never felt quite at home in the modern age, never quite felt like I fit in. I love vintage films, books, styles, and furnishings. I had often mused that I was a 1950s housewife trapped in the modern age.”

“I work in my home studio on a 1946-era Singer machine that I inherited from my grandmother. I also have a 1970s-era Singer and a 1990s-era Bernina, but the ’46 Singer is my favorite of the bunch. I love that I’m creating beautiful garments on the same machine that my grandmother used for years.”

Trapped in Time Designs

“I’m a one-woman show, designing, creating, shipping, marketing–all of it. I take great pride in my business and the quality of my product. I take great joy from talking with customers and creating the perfect garment for them. My designs go on some grand adventures!”

Trapped in Time Designs

I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed this timeless fashion journey with Mairi and all her fabulousness and that you’ll be sure to tell your friends about her gorgeous creations.

You can find Mairi online at Trapped in Time Designs on Etsy.

Jfay, Studio 3B


Kimono my Heart with Comfort and Luxury

How Gorgeous!  How Comfy!

From the fabulous ladies at Mickey and Chicken, the way to truly relax and lounge in luxurious beauty and inviting comfort.

The Boho Kimono!

Boho Kimono

Lounge in luxury at home, by the pool, or…anywhere in this beautiful and comfortable lace kimono cardigan.

It will look awesome with leggings in the fall, skinny jeans in the winter, cropped pants in the spring, or cut off shorts or a bathing suit in the summer. There really is nothing this beauty can’t do.

Boho Kimono

Mickey and Chicken is a very stylish shop run by Janet London and her two beautiful daughters.   They enjoy being very creative as well as making sure everything they make to wear is very soft and comfortable.  Janet loves designing accessories that look and feel great – like your favorite t-shirt, only better!

Mickey and Chicken’s shop is filled with many other wonderful items such as infinity scarves, very stylish totes, handmade jewelry and even hand poured candles.

I hope you’ll stop by and see Janet at Mickey and Chicken.  She is truly a nice lady and she’ll make sure that you’re very happy and well taken care of.  What’s not to love?  Just save some goodies for me!



Elegant Upcycle

This is so clever!  A modern statement necklace made with gray pearls and steel safety pins!


Heather of BluKatDesign always creates the most imaginatively stunning statement pieces for her shop using unexpected and fascinating items.  She puts them all together so beautifully.  It’s always a treat to see what she will come up with next.

Heather describes this safety pin design as edgy but elegant.  A modern pearl necklace that can be dressed up for an evening out or worn with just jeans and t-shirt.  This is all held together with an  ultra modern 18″ steel wire cord with screw clasp.

This is all handmade by Heather, and arrives in a decorative box ready for gift giving.  Snag one for yourself and a friend!

Pretty as a Pink Purse


This is so cute!  A pink key chain purse!

From secondstudio in Cavan Ireland – $19.00

This convenient key holder will add that hint of sophistication to your everyday style. It is handcrafted from the softest calfskin leather, and there is a hook for your belt so you won’t have a pocket full of keys.

This cutie can ship International
Standard delivery time:
to Europe 1-5 business days;
to USA, Canada, Australia 5-14 business days

Clothing Art


What a fabulous find!  A one of a kind lace jacket from SownThreadsClothing – $155.00

Super chic vintage lace embellished Jacket.  This jacket has a variety of gorgeous laces at the hem, sleeves and collar with pretty pink crystal beading incorporated between the layers of lace at the hem, collar and sleeves. Ribbon and soft pink vintage lace accent the bolero beautifully tying in with the delicate pink rose shape buttons up the front, pretty looped ribbons for button closures.

So beautiful for your Spring wardrobe.