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Trapped in Time Designs

If you love clothes, fashion, costumes, theatrics…  Oh, if you love timeless fashion and style, period, then you are going to fall in absolute love with Mairi Lothian of Trapped in Time Designs.  Her slogan is “Because style doesn’t have an expiration date.”

I love that!  And I adore her clothing designs.  They speak to me on every level.  I love period fashion and any and all things theatrical, so I’ve been a fan of her work since I first laid eyes on her beautiful creations.

Trapped in Time Designs

Mairi’s designs bring timeless beauty and fashion sense to the modern world.  She has managed to make her clothing into very wearable works of art that you can easily feel comfortable showing off in many settings or turning a few heads at various occasions.

Trapped in Time Designs

Mairi also designs very elegant costumes.  Many of her designs have a Mardi Gras, Burlesque, or Circus theme, and some have a Steam Punk, Vintage or Gothic appeal.  Gotta love her sense of style, that’s for sure.  This is one of my favorite costume designs from her.  It’s called the Voodoo Queen.

Voodoo Queen Costume from Trapped in Time Designs

Look at all the detail that Mairi’s put into this and the time it must take.  I am in complete awe…

Voodoo Queen Costume by Trapped in Time Designs

Here’s another of my favorite Trapped in Time Designs, the Checkered Pepum Skirt.  It’s like a lace up corset skirt. So gorgeous!

Checkered lace up corset skirt by Trapped in Time Designs

I could spend hours just browsing through her shop and not being able to make up my mind.  Everything is so breathtakingly fabulous.

Here are a few words directly from Mairi about her work and how this all came about:

“The name, Trapped In Time Designs, stems from my deep love of all things vintage, retro and old. I’ve never felt quite at home in the modern age, never quite felt like I fit in. I love vintage films, books, styles, and furnishings. I had often mused that I was a 1950s housewife trapped in the modern age.”

“I work in my home studio on a 1946-era Singer machine that I inherited from my grandmother. I also have a 1970s-era Singer and a 1990s-era Bernina, but the ’46 Singer is my favorite of the bunch. I love that I’m creating beautiful garments on the same machine that my grandmother used for years.”

Trapped in Time Designs

“I’m a one-woman show, designing, creating, shipping, marketing–all of it. I take great pride in my business and the quality of my product. I take great joy from talking with customers and creating the perfect garment for them. My designs go on some grand adventures!”

Trapped in Time Designs

I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed this timeless fashion journey with Mairi and all her fabulousness and that you’ll be sure to tell your friends about her gorgeous creations.

You can find Mairi online at Trapped in Time Designs on Etsy.

Jfay, Studio 3B