Editor’s Pick of the Day, December 8, 2014

ttpick  ttpick2

Today’s Pick is a Double Feature!

Snowman Soup Packets from SassyScrapsCrafts – $3.75 ea.

Conversation Starter Napkins from jennilyons81 – $9.99 ea.

These are both wonderful holiday gift ideas as well as great for holiday parties.

The Snowman Soup Packets include:

1 packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate
3 hershey kisses
3 peppermint candy
15 kraft mini marshmallows.

This super cute bag has been cut to fit each packet of soup, the front window has been cut with an oval die and stamped with white snowflakes. The Snowman has been die cut and foam adhesive added to give a 3-D look along with die cut holly and a sparkly embellishment. The back of the package includes a very cute poem.

The Conversation Starter Napkins are perfect for dinner parties, family or holiday dinners to get your guests talking.

Each napkin is 100% white cotton and has been pre-washed & shrunk. Finished size measures approximately 18″x18″. Wording is machine embroidered.

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